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Join the CNE at the Community Foundation as we host this webinar. We will be hosting the webinar in our training room and providing attendees with light refreshments.

Taxes are complex. But you don’t need to be a tax attorney or accountant to understand how they can affect charitable planning. This webinar will assume basic understanding of the income tax and transfer tax system so that it can focus on some of the finer points of the interplay between taxes and charitable giving.

Topics covered during the webinar will include the Pease limitation, deduction carryforward rules, 50% special election for gifts of appreciated property, the seven tiers of CRT income (you read that right), gift tax, and generation skipping tax. The effects of new or proposed tax law changes will also be covered. Participants will leave the session better equipped to recognize a giving opportunity, answer donor and advisor questions, and nurture the trust that is essential to successful gift planning.