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The 2018 Women’s Giving Circle
Grant Application

The Women’s Giving Circle of the Community Foundation of North Central Florida is interested in funding programs that will produce significant improvement in the lives of women and/or girls, primarily in Alachua County. Proposals will be considered that support new and innovative ideas as well as those with demonstrated results and impact. The WGC Impact Grant rewards an organization with $50,000 to support this impact, and the General Grant ranges from $2,000-$5,000. The 2018 Impact Grant proposals will be focused on the following recommendations from the research report on the “Status of Women and Girls in Alachua County” an Initiative of the Community Foundation of North Central Florida:

1. Early childhood centers in hotspot neighborhoods.
2. Increasing access to primary care to women of reproductive age and older in hotspot neighborhoods.
3. A service or program, research project, or community education project that addresses any of the indicators in the Safety, Education, or Finance section of the report. The proposal must clearly show how the work will benefit women and girls in the WGC service area.

2017 Impact Grant Recipient: PACE Center for Girls

The WGC General Grant rewards organizations for their program sustainability and their positive impact on the lives of women and girls in Alachua County.

Our primary focus is for programs that address the following areas:

Economic Empowerment
Programs that advance personal and economic empowerment of women in the North Central Florida community (primarily in Alachua county) and prepare their children to attain personal and/or economic autonomy upon reaching adulthood
o Marketable skills/job training
o Economic independence
o Problem solving/life skills
o Self-reliance

Victim Advocacy
Programs that prevent delinquency, truancy, and/or criminal behavior and/or programs that support victims of abuse/violence

Programs that deliver gender-specific, quality after-school/summer academic improvement or enrichment programs
o Literacy
o Evidence based arts education programs

2017 General Grant Recipients:

The ACORN Clinic Smiles Dental program received a $5,000 grant.

Child Advocacy Center received a $3,000 grant.

HARN Museum of Art received a $2,000 grant.


When is the deadline to apply? 

Friday, March 16

How many copies of the completed Grant Application are needed?

There are eight copies needed (including supporting documentation) to be delivered to the Community Foundation no later than 12 p.m. on March 16.

Does each question on the application need to be addressed?

Each question should be addressed in detail. Failure to do so will affect the results of the application.

2018 Impact Grant Information and Application

2018 General Grant Information and Application

If you have questions, please contact the Community Foundation office by calling (352) 367-0060.