The Community Foundation of North Central Florida can be a helpful resource for you and your clients in a variety of situations. The Foundation can serve any legitimate charitable objective for any kind of donor.

The following are examples of situations where the Community Foundation can help:

  • When your client is selling an appreciated asset such as stock or real estate and desires to avoid paying a capital gains tax on the appreciation and benefit a charity or charities
  • When your client is considering establishing a private family foundation to create a lasting legacy and fulfill philanthropic visions but is concerned about the cost and administrative complexity
  • When your client is an individual or couple with no children, with independent children or with a desire to pass only a portion of their estate to their children
  • When your client has a particularly profitable year and desires to fund future charitable giving with a current income tax deduction
  • When your client is selling a closely held business or is in the process of developing a business succession plan
  • When your client wants to establish a scholarship fund
  • When your client is considering a permanent memorial in honor of someone special
  • When your client is creating a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust, and has not finalized the nonprofit beneficiary
  • When your client has an existing relationship with a particular nonprofit organization, church or charitable cause and may be interested in creating a charitable fund to support that organization or cause
  • At year end, when your client’s existing private foundation must meet their annual payout requirements

Listening for Charitable Opportunities:

Year End Tax Planning

Sale of a Business

Birth of a Child or Grandchild

Sale of Real Estate


Preserving an Estate

Honoring a Loved One