Once donors have decided to establish a Fund with the Community Foundation, the process is simple.

Step 1

Contact the Community Foundation to discuss the donor’s charitable objectives. Click here to view our Giving Guide 

Step 2

With the assistance of an estate planning professional, if desired by donors, the Community Foundation will establish a Fund. It is important to have donors identify the type of Fund desired.

  • If the Funds established are Donor Advised, the name(s) of the eligible advisor(s) should be indicated.
  • If the Funds are Field of Interest, the area(s) of interest should be listed.
  • If they are Donor Designated Funds, the donors should name the charities to be benefited.

The document is signed by the donors and kept by the Community Foundation.

Step 3

The donors make an irrevocable gift to the Foundation to create a Fund.

Step 4

The president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors will sign the document and return a copy, along with an acknowledgement letter, to the donors. This letter serves as receipt, to be retained for the donors’ tax records. (Note: regardless of the number of current or future distributions from the Fund, the donor needs only this one letter for tax purposes.)

Step 5

The Community Foundation begins to serve the donors’ charitable objectives.

The Foundation is dedicated to strengthening relationships among charitable organizations, donors, and concerned citizens who want to invest in our region’s future.

The mission of the Community Foundation of North Central Florida is to promote and sustain philanthropy among the communities of North Central Florida.

The Foundation

  • Serves as a leader, catalyst, and center for education on philanthropy.
  • Strives to broaden the base of philanthropic giving in North Central Florida.
  • Provides flexible and cost-effective strategies for donors to benefit their community today and for generations to come.
  • Builds and preserves an endowment to address changing community needs.
  • Promotes and facilitates partnerships among nonprofit organizations to help meet evolving community needs.
  • Work toward measurable community improvement through strategic grantmaking to benefit the arts, the environment, community development, education, health, social services, and other areas of interest.

Founding Board Members

Stuart Wegener
Michael Tillman
Teresa Caskey
Larry E. Ciesla
Tony Kendzior

Will Olinger
Howard Patrick
Judith Ranger Smith
Thomas C. Spain
Richard White

Donor Privacy Policy

The Community Foundation of North Central Florida maintains the highest level of privacy concerning our donors and fund information.

All contact information is used for internal purposes only and never published or share unless requested by the donor or an approved representative. Note that contact information is required by the IRS in relation to contributions but is not for public inspection.

Through the normal course of its work, the Community Foundation board and staff may become aware of confidential information. The Community Foundation applies the same level of privacy listed above for information that applies to organizations in our network.

Fund names are published in Community Foundation communication material and media, unless a donor chooses for his/her fund not to be listed.

The Community Foundation does not sell or rent donor names or information to any firm or nonprofit organization, and it does not share it with any agency, business or nonprofit organization for their marketing or fundraising, unless an authorized representative gives approval.