An agency endowment or stewardship fund is an easy way for your nonprofit organization to establish an endowment, eliminate the administrative burden, and increase your ability to handle large and complex gifts.

Your agency fund benefits for participation in the Community Foundation of North Central Florida’s investment pool while our experienced staff helps develop planned giving programs and assists with administrative details.

Two Options:

Endowment Funds: a permanent resource for your organization, producing a steady stream of income annually while being invest for the long-term

Stewardship Funds: take advantage of our investment expertise and accept complex gifts and planned gifts, while allowing your organization to withdraw money at any time

How it Works:

  • Your board works with our staff to determine the type of fund needed and how much you would like to place in the fund in your organization’s name
  • The agency or individual donors can add to the fund at any time
  • We handle all the administrative details–including investment management
  • You have 24/7 online access to fund activity and statements
  • The fund is placed in CFNCF’s investment pool, providing the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees that typically come only with very large funds

Current Agency Funds

Building for the Future

Creating a Non-Profit Endowment Fund

The Community Foundation of North Central Florida is an ideal vehicle for building an endowment to help your non-profit organization better meet current challenges and provide long-term stability for the future of your organization. The Community Foundation provides investment oversight of the funds and many other services.

An agency endowment, which grows through gifts from generous donors, and investment income, is a permanent pool of charitable dollars whose earnings benefit a specific organization. Only a portion of the earnings are spent for purposes determined by the nonprofit’s board, or in some cases, the wishes of the donor.

A cash reserve is a board-designated fund. Both the contributions and earnings are available to meet emergency needs. It is wise for a nonprofit organization to establish a cash reserve as part of prudent financial planning, prior to creating an endowment. An endowment is a permanent fund in which contributions may not be spent but rather are invested to generate a stream of income for the organization.

Organizations with an outstanding track record of service to the community, strong leadership and management, financial stability and accountability, a committed and diverse pool of donors, board and staff commitment to the effort, and the capacity to engage in this long-term fundraising strategy are the best candidates for endowment development.

An endowment demonstrates that your organization has made a long-term commitment to your mission. It provides an additional source of annual income. Endowment earnings can be used each year to help fund operations, programs, and unanticipated needs.

An agency endowment can be established by a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization or by a donor of that organization.

Your board can readily establish an endowment with the Community Foundation by completing an agency fund agreement and making an initial contribution of $5,000.


  • Select a committee to plan the effort, fundraise, and meet with potential donors.



  • Create an endowment building plan which includes responsibilities of staff and board, strategy for building the endowment, an investment policy, a spending policy, a gift acceptance policy, a marketing plan and a donor recognition plan.



  • Seek donations of cash, appreciated securities or planned and deferred gifts.



  • Encourage donors to include your organization in their wills.



  • Become educated about endowment building and planned giving. Staff and Board must be able to explain the difference between annual fund, capital fund and an endowment.



  • Contact us. We can help simplify the endowment building process.