Once donors have decided to establish a Fund with the Community Foundation, the process is simple.

Step 1

Contact the Community Foundation to discuss the donor’s charitable objectives.

Step 2

With the assistance of an estate planning professional, if desired by donors, the Community Foundation will establish a Fund. It is important to have donors identify the type of Fund desired.

  • If the Funds established are Donor Advised, the name(s) of the eligible advisor(s) should be indicated.
  • If the Funds are Field of Interest, the area(s) of interest should be listed.
  • If they are Donor Designated Funds, the donors should name the charities to be benefited.

The document is signed by the donors and kept by the Community Foundation.

Step 3

The donors make an irrevocable gift to the Foundation to create a Fund.

Step 4

The president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors will sign the document and return a copy, along with an acknowledgement letter, to the donors. This letter serves as receipt, to be retained for the donors’ tax records. (Note: regardless of the number of current or future distributions from the Fund, the donor needs only this one letter for tax purposes.)

Step 5

The Community Foundation begins to serve the donors’ charitable objectives.